A Little Bit About Zac…


Zac James is a musician, worship leader, traveling artist, recording engineer, arranger, web designer, blogger and more. He has traveled with Wendy and the James Gang from 2000-2007, and HeartSong from Cedarville University from 2009-2012. He regularly played with ensembles at Cedarville on piano, drums, acoustic, electric, bass guitars, auxillary percussion and vocals. He is also the founder of Encounter, a worship service at Cedarville University, which was integrated into the Worship major curriculum and the class Worship Practicum. He graduated from Cedarville in May 2012 with a Music, B.A. degree and a concentration in piano.

One of Zac’s favorite activities is chill improvisation on piano and acoustic guitar. His first full-length solo release, “Stars”, was entirely piano improvisation; initially offered as a free download, it is now available on iTunes, Amazon and many other digital music stores.  You can get it from Zac’s Official Store for $6.99 here.

He has finished a second album titled “Glimpses of Sunlight”, featuring piano and acoustic improvisation, which is now released to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and everywhere else music is sold.  You can get it from Zac’s Official Store for $8.91 here.

With the launch of zac-James.com, Zac is preparing new music, books, blog and video content, with the goals of ministering to people, creating high-quality content, challenging misconceptions about Christianity, building up the Church and advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the world.

Really, there is nothing so exciting as advancing the Kingdom of God.

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